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Ever since I was a kid I have wanted to make a video game. One of my earliest memories (I was probably about 7) was typing out a multi-page program on my C64 and being very disheartened when it didn’t run correctly.

A few years later I again made an attempt to learn coding on the Amiga with programs such as Amos and Blitz Basic but I found it tough. I could copy code from Amiga Format magazine (no YouTube tutorials in those days!) but actually understanding what I was writing was seemingly beyond my teenage comprehension. I mean seriously, just look at the nonsense in those screenshots!

Fast-forward a few years (quite a few, ahem) and this is still something I want to do except now we have amazing game dev tools such as Unity, Unreal Engine, GODOT, Game Maker Studio, and Construct to name a few.

Unreal Engine is attractive because it offers visual scripting instead of typing in code which for me might just make this goal attainable. Not to mention that it is also free for hobbyists and extremely powerful having been used on numerous Triple-A titles.

So here it is. I am making a commitment to create something that resembles a playable game using Unreal Engine. I don’t yet know what type of game or how it will work, but in 2021 I am going to make something….

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